David Kaufman is a warm and outgoing Narrative and Solution Focused Brief Therapist and Addictions counselor (C.A.A.C.F.) He has lectured and taught on a wide variety of mental health topics (trauma, stress management and conflict resolution), philosophic and theological issues (Why good people suffer, Love: Self, Others and God, Religion and Psychology) in Israel and Canada, including York University, Hinks Dellcrest Family Therapy Center, Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem, Maor Aynayim Therapy Center, The Orthodox Union Center, Aish HaTorah College. In 1985 David received the Black Student Union Appreciation Award for his community work in Rochester, N.Y. David and his wife Estair and 2 children moved to Bratislava, after the velvet revolution, working for The Foundation for The Education and Welfare for Jews of Czechoslovakia. Together they established the first Jewish school and educational program in Czechoslovakia since WWII. Assisting in the charity, food, religious services, funerals, etc. for the community.  In 1995 he co-founded the Narrative Therapy Center in Jerusalem. In 2003 he was an honorary Staff member at the Hinks Dellcrest Institute as a member of a University of Toronto research project concerning Narrative Therapy techniques. Since that time he has been teaching, working for JACS (An alcohol, drug, co-dependent educational, support group and counseling organization), and maintaining a private practice in Toronto.

“As a public speaker, it’s easy to be better at talking than listening. Thanks to David   Kaufman,  I’ve  gained  a  basic  understanding of counseling skills: how to listen well, offer advice sensitively, and most importantly, ask questions that can guide people to find their own answers. I recommend his course not only to those considering counseling as a career, but those who simply want to improve their communication skills and enrich their    relationships.”

Rebbitzin Gila Manolson, Lecturer and author of  THE MAGICTOUCH, OUTSIDE / INSIDE  &  HEAD TO HEART

“We live in a world of challenges and many are beset with formidable life   issues. What a relief to have such a positive and goal oriented therapist in our midst. David Kaufman is a highly reliable and successful therapist. I have  referred patients to Mr. Kaufman for years. He is at once empathic, firm and able to create a secure environment for his clients. My patients have benefited tremendously from his brief therapy  approaches. I fully endorse Mr. Kaufman as a top rate therapist.”

Dr. Michael Kirzner, M.D., CCFP, ISAM, CSAM, Family and Addiction Medicine

“I have personally referred numerous   couples and individuals with difficult issues to David Kaufman… I greatly recommend him as someone to turn to for counseling… his clients achieve their goals and reach emotionally fulfilling, practical and satisfying solutions to their problems.”

Rabbi Yaakov Felder, Shomrai Shabbos Chevrah Mishnayoth

“I have spoken with David Kaufman at length about Torah and psychology, listened to his workshops and recommended people to see him for counseling. Mr. Kaufman’s approach to emotional health involves the valuable use of psychological techniques filtered though the wisdom of our sages. I recommend him to those seeking solutions to their problems and his classes to those seeking to grow in Torah. ”

Rebbitzin Chana Weisberg, Educator, lecturer, columnist and author of Tending the Garden: The Unique Gifts of the Jewish Woman and other books.

“Our marriage was turning into a mess of arguments, mistrust, coldness and petty bickering over nearly everything. We decided, as a last resort, to seek professional intervention. We both thought we were too far gone to be saved, much less advance our marriage…   David’s kind, patient and sensitive manner, coupled with his sage experience, brought us together in a way we never thought possible. Through meeting with us both together and separately, David helped us get to the core issues of both our married and personal lives. His non-judgmental approach allowed both of us to feel entirely comfortable, sharing with him our hopes and fears. His firm yet gentle coaching helped us overcome long standing obstacles and challenges in a short period of time. Though we are extremely happy that we have found, we regret that we waited more than 20 years to seek him out. Never believe that a marriage is beyond saving.”

Married 20 Years, Toronto, Canada

“I greatly recommend David Kaufman as a resource for getting “unstuck” in your life or marriage, to help you reconnect with life’s vitality. His approach yields amazing results very quickly.”

Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky, Pamensky Relationship Institute, How To Make A Good Marriage GreatSeminar